Transportation of combines by truck is the best way to move this equipment over long distances. Obviously, it is impossible to transport it through Ukraine in your own way. In this case, it takes too long to transport the combine. Therefore, a trawl is used to transport combines and other specialized equipment.




Our company works quickly, so as soon as you need help, transportation of the seeder will be arranged. The cost of services can be specified personally. The manager of the company is always ready to discuss all the questions on the phone, to explain the unexplained moments. Fire Trans is engaged in the transportation of oversized and heavy, and here includes agriculture, to which the seeders belong. Transportation is carried out in Ukraine. Just fill in the application, specify the points of departure and destination. The most important thing is reliability and Fire Trans guarantees it. All equipment is delivered in complete safety. The unit is firmly fixed and is in this position throughout the road. Employees of the organization are responsible, experienced, so they have confidence in each client.

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